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The Acoustic Music Seminar

Hi everyone!  I wanted to share just a bit about my experience being a part of this amazing program!  I'm sort of speechless about the whole thing, but in short, it truly changed my life.  To me, AMS was a beautiful and unbelievable way to 1.) meet my heroes, 2.) help deepen my understanding of who I am musically, and 3.) most significantly, introduced me to this incredible community of people—all of whom, to me, are striving to be the most honest, thoughtful, and giving artists they can all be.  It is such an exciting time to be a part of this music!!  The surface has really only been scratched with regard to what I believe is truly possible—both musically, and socially as well.  Anyhow, applications for next year's seminar are open NOW until November 15th, so if you are currently aged 22 or under, and interested in playing acoustic music, go after it and apply!!  Click the link below for more information:


Listen below to selected tracks from various gigs!!