Ben Garnett

Welcome to!  The official website of guitarist, composer, and music educator Ben Garnett.

Now offering (Skype) lessons!!!

Hello people of the music world!  Just wanted to announce that I am officially taking students of all levels, both in person and over Skype! 

Topics of discussion could include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Technique Fundamentals

  • Learning Music by Ear

  • Reading Music

  • Composing Your Own Music

  • Arranging Your Own Music, and/or Other People's Music

  • General Improvisation

  • Introduction To Jazz Studies

  • Advanced Jazz Studies - soloing & comping ideas, learning tunes, etc.

  • Exercises In Counterpoint

  • Chord Voicings

  • How To Strengthen Your Time Feel

  • How To Play Well With Others (learning to listen & react while playing)

  • Philosophies On Growing And Getting Better

  • Philosophies On Broad Musical/Life Topics (finding your "voice", getting gigs, playing with others, etc.)

Would love to hear from you if any of these topics sound interesting!  Drop me a line via the "contact" page to discuss rates and setting up a lesson time.  Thanks so much!  -B

Listen below to selected tracks from various gigs!!